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...the best, most concise presentation of Mormonism that I have seen!
I received the dvd and I thought it was the best, most concise presentation of Mormonism that I have seen! As a matter of fact, I am teaching a class on cults at church and when we get to Mormonism all I will do is show your dvd.

May the Lord bless you,

Chris Svoleantopoulos
Chaplain at the Essex County Correctional Facility
Peabody, MA

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Exceptional Work! Awesome! Awesome!
I only caught one mistake. In section five you are refuting Millet's quote of Joseph Fielding Smith, you show a picture of Joseph F. Smith, his father. [I'll correct that in future editions—Jim.] But I guess it is only an exMormon like myself who would catch that. But what you are teaching is spot on.
           This was an incredible, well done work—I pray God uses it powerfully.
           Excellent work!
           Julia Cutler, Ft. Meade, MD

Thank you for sending this great video!
Hi, Jim,
           Thank you for sending your new video. We watched it last night and enjoyed it tremendously!... ...Thank you for sending this great video.
           I would like to order 5 more copies so that I can loan them out...
           We are again teaching a class (this is a third year) on Mormonism at Calvary Chapel, and we'd like to talk to our class about it too.
           God bless you.
           Rauni Higley

You did a monumental job!
           Greetings from Minnesota! I just finished watching your new DVD "Mormonism: has anything changed?" It is Outstanding! You did a monumental job and a great service for the body of Christ in exposing Mormonism and the nonsense of modern day Mormon/Evangelical dialogue.

I applaud you and thank you for taking the time to do this much needed expose. I heartily recommend it and encourage all truth seeking individuals to view it. You are a dear friend and I praise God for your heart of compassion for those lost in the Cult of Mormonism.
           Ron Carlson
           Christian Ministries International

Every teenager should see this video!
           My family watched your new DVD this week and thought it was fantastic. We think every Christian teenager needs to see it. Our children both attend schools heavily populated by LDS and often hear from their Mormon friends, "We are Christians, too!"
           Jim, you lay it our so clearly step by step, that Mormonism is not Christian, no matter what they are taught to say in their seminary classes.
           We will be giving our junior high and high school church leaders a DVD in hopes they will show it in Sunday School, small groups, or whatever. Even if the kids don't remember everything said on the DVD, they will remember—without a doubt—that LDS doctrine is not Christian.
           Thanks for sending the DVD.
           Shelly Tatistcheff,
           Boise, ID

For all young Christians and all Teenage Christians
           Excellent! Will have to watch it several times to fully "Process" all the information, but you laid it our so well. A must for young Christians and teenage Christians.
           Carol Bentley
           Chino Valley, CA

Masterful Job
           James Spencer has once again done a masterful job of portraying what Mormonism is and why good people should stay away from it! (BTW, Jim, bring a supply of your materials to the ORU Conference on Christianity, Culture, and Diversity in America [Where I have been invited to speak in November—Jim].
           Dr. Dean Helland
           Department of Modern Languages
           Oral Roberts University

The historical roots were of great interest
           I finally sat and watched the DVD this morning. I found the material in the first sections fascinating and learned a lot....
           The historical roots were of great interest to me and were very well presented and should help others understand the theological roots of Mormonism which are very confusing because they don't emanate from any cogent, coherent single source, but are instead derived from off-the-cuff statements in speeches.
           I think that Jim's issue with the "academics" was well placed. I thought that in addition to taking Mouw to task, he should have also taken to task those preachers that fail to deliver the truth of God's Word in a culturally relevant fashion. Those that fail to instruct their listeners in the realities of the spiritual warfare we engage in here in Utah as we lead people from the destructive aspects of Mormonism should also be rebuked.
           Pastor Gerald Van Iwaarden
           Cedar City. UT

Extremely powerful and timely
           The new video documentary, "Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?" is extremely powerful and timely because of the growing compromise within the Christian churches toward the acceptance of Mormonism. This video cuts through the cloud of deception that the LDS church has created, and exposes the true non-biblical LDS doctrines and core beliefs, with its occult origins. This documentary is the exhaustive work of the veteran Christian warrior, Jim Spencer, who has a heart for the souls of millions of sincere Mormon victims who are in danger of eternal hell because of the false gods and gospel of Joseph Smith.
           Blaine & Randi Hunsaker
           Brigham City, UT

Thanks for your effort
           Thank you for the DVD, I thought you did an excellent job. It is timely. The real enemy is the Spirit of Deceit, is it not so? I think many Christians have forgotten the 1980s and don't want to make waves. Thank you for standing in the river against the current.
           Karen Galley
           Klamath Falls, OR

Chapter Four was of particular interest
           Thanks for the video. I watched it with great care and appreciation. Chapter four: Minimizing Mormonism was particularly applicable to my [doctrinal] Dissertation. Love to get together with you and have you glance through my work so far.
           Pastor Steve Crane
           Eagle, ID

A blessing for the church
           Just finished the video and wow, what a great blessing it will be for the Church.
           Pastor Craig Astor
           Hodgenville, KY

Send me a hundred!
           You sent me ten and I have given away seven. Can you send me 100 UPS?
           Rick Lengel
           Grants Pass, OR

You were tactful in your approach
           I thought it was great. It exposed Millet for what he is. You were tactful in your approach. My father came out of Mormonism in 1976 after a 2 year comparative study. I showed him the Millet and Johnson video (I think it is called "Conversation...") when it came out and his comment was, "Millet is a liar."
           I was in the tabernacle with my brother who is Mormon when Ravi Z. spoke. I also heard Mouw make the horrendous comment of apology. Ravi did a great job though.
           Pastor Russell Blair
           Inkom, ID

Send me ten more copies
           Powerful and much needed. I hope we can get it in the hands and homes of many. Thank you for devoting your life to the truth. Send me ten more copies.
           Emily Broyles
           Blanchard, OK

Great Grace is upon it
           I just finished my second viewing of the video (the first Glenda and I viewed together), and we both were very impressed with the way you put it all together. We rate it most excellent and great grace is upon it as well as great power (I think that is Acts 4). I believe this project will bear great harvest for the Lord.
           Pastor Lenny Meyer
           Central Point, OR

It's fantastic!
           Listen, I got your DVD "Mormonism: Has Anything Changed?", and it is fantastic! I think this does need to get into the hands of pastors, especially those in concentrated Mormon areas. I really liked the footage(both audio and video) of Robert Millet. As for Greg Johnson, have you let him know the real context and content of Joseph F. Smith's statement about the priesthood, the apostle John, and the three Nephites?
           Anyway, your DVD is a great, and I think, much needed, piece of work.
           A Christian guy whom I work with is getting fired up about witnessing to Mormons. He is reading books on the subject including your book "Have you witnessed...?".
           Lord willing, we will be going door to door starting in October, hunting for Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and those studying with them.
           Bruce Decker,
           Elizabeth City, NC

Your DVD was magnificent.
           It is the most logical and insightful explanation I have ever read. Thanks so much staying the course against so many odds. Blessings to you and your family.
           Sheelah Lynch
           Bella Vista, AZ

Our pastor is showing the DVD in our Sunday night Bible study.
           Very well done and understandable
           God Bless you!
           Shelby Williams
           Buhl, ID